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  • 100-men-portfolio

    100 Airdrie Men Who Give A Damn is a fundraising initiative that aims to earn at least $10,000, four times per year for local charities.
    This site was happily done pro-bono to support this ambitious and worthy cause.

  • kerry-portfolio

    Kerry Bostick is a Realtor serving Airdrie and its surrounding areas. Kerry has been a recipient of a local award for Best Realtor in Airdrie for the past two years. While Realtors have templated website offerings from their home brokerage, Kerry wanted something custom.

    A new logo was created and served as the focal point for a new website. The site utilizes animations, a clean colour scheme, and an innovative contact form that allows Kerry to collect leads 24 hours a day. An effort was also made to ensure that Kerry’s connection to her home agency was clear - in terms of branding and cross-linkages. The site is 100% mobile-friendly.

  • euphoria

    KTH Developments is a full service renovation company in Airdrie that provides renovation and new build services for residential and commercial. They also offer landscaping services, project renderings, and much more!

    This site was taken over from a stock GoDaddy website builder that limited the function, stuck the owner in a contract (where he didn’t own his content) and left his site not very mobile friendly.

    This new version has a series of built-in blog pages that function as project highlights for the various bits of work. A super straight-forward CMS is included to update key components of the site, without worrying about plugin updates, CMS maintenance, and so on.

  • euphoria

    Lucie Brouillard is an award-winning face and body painter. Alongside her painting services, Lucie holds jewelry-making parties with her daughter, sells custom pieces, and is available for corporate events, festivals, and much more.

    Given the topic, this site focused on prominent imagery, galleries, and lots more. You won't see it but there's also a robust (but easy to use) custom backend that lets Lucie and her husband update the site on their own.

  • euphoria

    Euphoria Salon and Spa is a full service salon & spa in Airdrie. When the salon changed ownership, the new owners wanted a fresh look and a new website. They also wanted to wanted to be found more easily on internet searches. Euphoria was provided with a new logo, colour scheme, (print) advertising templates, and a strong focus on Google search engine optimization.

    In 2015, the site was completely redesigned to ensure that it conformed to Google’s new algorithm for mobile search results. The end product was a modern and easy-to-navigate site that put a premium on highlighting services, staff, and contact information. In 2016, the site was updated again to add an online store and a gallery integrated with Instagram so that whenever staff posted a new photo on Instagram, it was automatically uploaded to the website as well.

  • injury-shield

    InjuryShield™ is an innovative self-contained splinting and injury protection product.
    This website was designed after a rebranding from a previous USplint product and features a completely responsive product that highlights the amazing product features, applications, and benefits. A FAQ and seperate Animals section provide further product information. Lastly, a custom e-commerce solution allows for customers to buy the InjuryShield™ products directly online.

  • mimusa-logo

    MakeItMarketUSA is an ISO FDA-Approved manufacturing facility available for innovators & entrepreneurs to test, produce & scale their new product. Their facilities are state-of-the-art yet still affordable and allow entrepreneurs to proudly make their products in the USA.

  • coquine-screenshot

    Coquina Forever provides semi-permanent cosmetic treatments, including microblading - a feathering technique to create semi-permanent eyebrows that are full, natural-looking, and perfectly shaped.

  • wilk-portfolio

    Wilkinson Wealth is a full-service financial planning solution run by Keith Wilkinson. After years of working under a larger firm, Keith wanted to branch out on his own and wanted a website that he could direct potential clients to. Keith also wanted a custom email to match his website domain name and needed to have clear links to his partner organizations.

    The final website welcomes visitor with a striking, full screen set of images before navigating them to the main area of the website, which provides easy links to the wide range of financial services, as well as prominent links to his partner organizations and referral website.

  • atlas

    Dr. Glen Johanson is the owner and lead practitioner at Atlas Family Chiropractic in Airdrie. Glen needed a simple, functional site that accomplished two main goals - make it easy for potential clients to contact him, and make the clinic easy to find in search engines.

    To this end, we focused on a home page that provided all the necessary info - key mission and vision statements, imagery that reflected their target populations, and ever present contact info. We also focused on having good, searchable content. A blog was created to help add an additional and dynamic component that would attract search engines.

  • master-portfolio

    Master Construction is a renovation specialist and independent contractor. Master had a previous website that was not optimized for mobile devices and had an outdated feel to it. The focus here was to create a clean and modernized look, a new logo, and put a focus on getting to the wide range of construction, renovation, and maintenance services that Master had to offer. Further, a bold placement of the contact form was created a clear call to action for potential clients to get a free quote.

  • trilogy-website

    Trilogy Crossing Corp. provides planning, expertise, and overview of bridge and road projects.

    Trilogy had started a site on their own using their web host provider’s tools. They were able to get their content and images generated but had difficulty pulling it all together in a way they were happy with.

    I helped them create a more cohesive layout and added some interesting interactions and animations to help liven up the content.

    The result is a clean-looking site that really focuses in on the core logo colours to create a cohesive and professional site. The use of light boxes and an interesting transparent logo addition helps provide uniqueness.

  • ARTS logo

    The Airdrie Regional ARTS Society established to encourage arts and culture in and around Airdrie.

    This site has some unique features in a custom blog solution, a private members area, and an e-commerce solution that repurposes itself as an event registration system!

  • cordon-portfolio

    Cordon’s Consulting provides a wide range of construction consultation services ranging from project management to contract administration to construction photography (and just about everything in between). With offices in Alberta and London, UK, Cordon’s has clients that span the globe.

    Owner Nick Cordon wanted a site that was simple, professional, and provided prospective clients with a clear outline of the services Cordon’s has to offer.


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Client Quotes

We are very pleased with the Euphoria site and the branding that was created. One of the most important changes that Jason brought is that we now show up right near the top of google searches, which is an important way to attract new clients. Cherry, Salon Manager