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I have made an effort to make my pricing as simple and transparent as possible. Most clients will fit in the Starter Package but there are add-on services depending on your website needs.

  • Starter Package
  • Starts at $799.99
  • For most personal and small-business needs.
  • This price includes:

  • Home page with up to 5-pages (Contact forms, maps, services, image gallery, etc)
    Two design options
    1-year Domain purchase and registration
    Google analytics setup

  • All-Pro Package
  • Contact for custom quote
  • For especially unique websites and business needs.
  • Some of these needs could include:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
    e-commerce sites
    Social media setup
    Ongoing site management

    Of course, all the components of the Starter Package are included here as well.

    Need Hosting?

    I offer a well-priced maintenance package that includes:

    Hosting service and setup
    A reliable host that offers round-the-clock support
    Free SSL certificate
    Free custom email setup (e.g. [email protected])
    3 hours/month of text and image website updates for free
    A discounted hourly rate for website development changes (i.e. those things outside of text and image updates)
    Peace of mind. Would it cause you anxiety to have a customer support person at your host tell you to upgrade your PHP version or modify your MX record or create an htaccess file in your cPanel’s file manager? If so, this might be good for you.
    $15/month (paid annually or semi-annually)

    Already have hosting?

    Great! I do need a few things though:

    either admin access to your control panel OR your ftp/sftp account details in order to upload the website files
    a web host that offers a minimum of PHP 5.6 (preferably PHP 7+)

    If you don’t know what any of those things are, your host can talk you through them.

FAQsAnswers to questions you didn’t know you were asking!

  • About Logos and Branding

    Do you do logos and branding?

    I do! I tend to focus on straight-forward text- and icon-based logos that are simple, effective, and able to be re-purposed (i.e. different sizes for online use, letterheads, newspaper advertising, etc).
    You may need something more complex, though. For example, you may want original artwork or a custom-designed font or something hand-drawn that you’d like to digitize and turn into a logo. In many of those cases, I would suggest using someone a bit more specialized. But don’t worry, I’ve know a couple of great logo guys!

  • About E-commerce Sites

    Do you build e-commerce sites?

    Yes! Depending on the complexity and the intended use, e-commerce sites can have a much wider range of cost and build-time. It could be a simple add-on that allows for gift certificate purchase, a more complicated scheduling/booking service, or a full-fledged site with an inventory database, coupon code management and shipping calculators. Contact me for solutions on this one.

  • About Content Management Systems

    Will I be able to edit my site on my own after you're finished?

    Sure, if you’d like to. Having a site that you can edit on your own (via something called a Content Management System or CMS) has its pros and cons. Understanding exactly what you want from your website is something we’d get to in our first meeting together.

    You may need a fully-functioning CMS for every page on your site (which would probably start at $250 or so) or there could be a “CMS-lite” option where only specific sections of the site need that function (which would drop the price significantly). There may even be some no-cost options as well.

    For many, though, not having to worry about making updates, formatting content, and sizing and optimizing images is appealing. If your website changes are infrequent, I’m happy to do them for you.

  • About Pricing

    You seem to have great prices…


    I wasn’t finished. You seem to have great prices but I’ve always stood by the adage that “you get what you pay for”.

    That’s not a question, smart guy. Listen, between friends and family, I know a lot of small business owners and people who work in not-for-profit. Even though a website is a good investment, it can be tough to justify (and find!) a couple thousand dollars for a website when all you want to do is tell customers what you do, how to find you, and stay current with your competition. My price point allows for that group of people to get a nice, functional, and professional-looking website.

    And, in the interest of transparency, there is a trade-off in working with me. This is a one-man, part-time operation for me so I have part-time office hours (i.e. I’m not on-call). But I am pretty quick at returning emails and I have time on evenings and weekends to dedicate. Quality, however, is not something I think you need to worry about. The clients I work with can all testify to that.

    Also, while I am technically not available 24/7, the hosting service that I use is. They have 24/7 customer support so if there is an issue with your website, know that there is support there for you.

  • About Limitations

    Are there any reasons not to work with me?

    My mother gives a firm “No!” to that question. However, there are probably instances where I would refer you on to someone else. As mentioned above, I am a one-man, part-time operation so if the scope of your project is beyond what I can do in a reasonable time frame, I’d be happy to refer you.

Oh, hi there!

Welcome to J Bostick Web Design, I am the first part of that title. I develop and design websites for individuals, small businesses, and community organizations in and around Airdrie, Alberta.

Have a look around, make yourself at home, and contact me if you have any questions.

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Client Quotes

We are very pleased with the Euphoria site and the branding that was created. One of the most important changes that Jason brought is that we now show up right near the top of google searches, which is an important way to attract new clients. Cherry, Salon Manager